Fresh update news for REDDEN and 33% off sale!

REDDEN’s just been updated and is 33% off sale for summer event on Android and IOS.
(This update will be applied soon on IOS.)

<New updates>

  1. You can regain your energy by moving characters in a downward direction!
    when characters move down, they get their energy. it offers intuitive user experience.
  1. You can get full energy if you touch the screen at an appropriate time!
    When any stage’s started, a man throws or shots one of game characters.
    If you touch the screen when he’s pulling his arm as much as possible, you can get character’s full energy.
  1. New easy, fresh tutorial!
    New tutorial’s added. So it can help Anybody who feels difficult to control REDDEN.
  1. 10 languages Supported!
    French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Japanese, Korean, and retranslated English are added.
  1. And here’re another improvement!
    Better tilt mode
    Improved Kunai’s skill
    Improved cutscenes (improved skip button, added cutscenes replay menu)
    Support the Cloud Save
    Adjustment sensitivity of control, and more…

<33% off summer sale!>

To celebrate new updated version, REDDEN is 33% off sale for a limited period.
We offer REDDEN at a lower price for summer event! Don’t miss the chance!
Thanks for enjoying REDDEN!


Download Link (Google Play) :


REDDEN BIG EVENT FOR BIC (Busan Indie Connect)

페이스북 광고 카드_페북용

  • For everyone who came to the booth of REDDEN

“REDDEN sticker”
REDDEN Sticker

1,000 pieces only

  • For those who have achieved special achievements in the game

Badge for the achievement you achieved

“Head Shot”
REDDEN Achievement Button 1
200 pieces only

“Pig’s feet”
REDDEN Achievement Button 2
20 pieces only

“For whom do you ring your bell?”
REDDEN Achievement Button 3
20 pieces only

“Close Call”
REDDEN Achievement Button 4
20 pieces only

“Redden Master”
REDDEN Achievement Button 510 pieces only

  • For those who have achieved all the achievements in the game

Choose between artbooks and character figures

“REDDEN artbook”
Artbook of REDDEN2Artbook of REDDEN13 pieces only

“character figures”
REDDEN Character StatueOne by each type is limited

  • For those who write the review of REDDEN on SNS
    such as Facebook, various communities, blog, etc.

“The original short story”
<Eraser country>
지우개 나라 - 김준영2지우개 나라 - 김준영13 pieces only

전시 지도

BIC Official Site


First Update for REDDEN

first update

We are preparing the first update for REDDEN!

It has been a week since release.
In that short time, thanks to your love and attention, we have received a lot of feedback.
We have prepared an update reflecting that feedback.

In this update:

1. The ability to change difficulty level.
REDDEN was made to be a very hard game, but we think it is important that beginners to action games get to enjoy the story without the frustration.
You can now select between Novice, Apprentice, and Expert mode.

2. The ability to switch between left or right-handed controls.
We have taken into consideration the difficulty of seeing what is coming if your hand is covering the screen, whether you are right or left-handed.

We will continue to fix bugs and improve the game.
We will be posting the upcoming update list here soon!
We really appreciate your feedback.
Thanks for playing REDDEN!