Fact Sheet

Developer :
Team Bulosodeuk
Based in Seoul, South Korea

Release date :
Jul 9th, 2015

Platform :
Android on Google Play Store
iOS on Apple App Store

Download Link :
goolgleplay appstore

goolgleplay appstore

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Twitter, Facebook, Youtube

Description :
Fact sheet and Description in Word Doc format


REDDEN is an action arcade game for iOS and Android. It is played in slow motion of the original speed of 0.1 times. The main characters of REDDEN are tools which are given to people indefinitely to fight and hunt in many other games.

Arrow, Kunai, Bullet… The way that each tool secretly helps the clumsy heroes is the concept of this game. The tools shot or thrown by heroes have to ride on the wind, break windows, remove obstacles and destroy their targets.

REDDEN tells the tales of forgotten tools using their own voices.
Become an arrow, kunai, and bullet from across the centuries
and turn common items into heroes of legend!


  • Beautiful and unique world that symbolizes the features of each object.
    Thirty-three ancient, medieval, and modern historic scenes as remembered by tools!
    Explore the world through moments that only tools can perceive.
    Experience the simple yet unique world of tools!
  • Simple control. All you need are quick instincts.
    You will become a tool in a moment of history that rides the wind, avoiding and destroying obstacles to hit your target.
    Drag the screen or tilt your device for intuitive gameplay!
    Don’t give up! All you need is intuition.
  • Destroy to move forward!
    Ride the wind and raise your speed to use skills.
    Use skills to destroy objects in your way.
    Never stop and continue onward until you’ve eliminated the final target of the episode!
  • Use each of the three characters’ unique skills wisely!
    Jo, Bi, and Cal all have their own skills that adds fun in distinct ways.
    Spin and go full speed to pulverize; create clones; and blow up your surroundings.
    Your skills and strategies will help you complete each episode!
  • Fantastical and magical episodes.
    As each stage progresses, the actions and introspections of the tools
    will guide you into a story of beautiful moving illustrations.
    What awaits you at the end of the their long tale?


Download all the screenshots as a .zip (the zip contains much more art than is shown on the page)

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot4 screenshot5 screenshot6 screenshot7 screenshot8


Download all the logos/icons as a .zip

Icon (Android) Icon (iOS) title title (black) REDDEN poster image Team logo




Awards & Recognition

  • exhibition piece in the 1st ‘Google Play Playtown’, 2016
  • exhibition piece in the 4th Kyoto Indie Game Festival ‘BitSummit’, 2016
  • exhibition piece in the 1st ‘Google Indie Game Festival’, 2016
  • exhibition piece in the ‘G-STAR BIC Showcase’, 2015
  • ‘IGF China’ honorably mentioned, 2015
  • exhibition piece in the 1st ‘Busan Indie Connect (BIC) Festival’, 2015
  • Top List of the 9th ‘Gamein Award,’ 2015
  • Finalist of the 1st ‘Open Play Day,’ 2014
  • Selected as ‘Unity Shocking Project,’ 2014
  • Reached over 137% of ‘Tumblbug’ crowd funding goal amount, 2014


Team Bulosodeuk

  • Joonyoung Kim – Design/Programming
  • Yoojin Lee – Art

Bulosodeuk is a Korean which means a profit obtained without working.

We made Team Bulosodeuk under a motto of collapsing the boundary between the play and labor to practice playbor.

Team Bulosodeuk is a creating group which was made under a will to do what we want to do, want to make, want to go, want to say. Like the meaning of the team name, we do not consider the work as a difficult labor but have a goal to gain a profit in the quality of life.